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Province Wide Celebration of 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

Thru the unwavering support of our beloved Mayor Jon Khonghun, LGU Subic joins the province wide celebration of the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary early today, September 15, 2023 held at People’s Gym, Botolan, Zambales with an incredible display of unity, camaraderie, and fun-filled activities!
What made this event even more special was the presence and active participation of our esteemed Department Heads and employees in the poster slogan contest, games and chorale competition were we won 3rd runner up, 👏👏👏 It’s heartwarming to see different agencies in Zambales coming together to celebrate our nation’s milestones.
As we continue to commemorate the 123rd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, let us carry this spirit of unity and dedication with us in all our endeavors. Together, we can achieve great things for our country.
Stay tuned for more exciting activities and celebrations throughout the month!